At Pearsall we employ a passionate and experienced Science Specialist who ensures all aspects of the Australian National Curriculum are taught in an explicit, purposeful and engaging manner.

Our goal is to foster enthusiasm and interest in Science from Kindergarten through to year 6 and beyond. Lessons are fun, stimulating and engaging, encouraging critical and creative thinking, an interest and knowledge of real-world issues and of course, the development of science investigation skills.

In addition, talented students in Years 2/3 and Years 5/6 are offered the opportunity to participate in a science-based enrichment program during the year with an emphasis on applying their science knowledge and skills in STEM projects. This includes the opportunity to participate in a variety of competitions including Science Talent Search and the Synergy Solar Car Challenge.

Each year Science is celebrated with a dedicated Science Week and students are given the opportunity to take part in a science fair, biannually.

As a leadership school, Year 6 students have the opportunity to apply for Science Leadership positions at the beginning of their final year.