Phys ED

At Pearsall we have an experienced and motivated Physical Education Specialist who provides a comprehensive physical activity program for students from Pre-Primary to Year 6.

Our programs are designed to provide maximum physical activity time within the class period. This enables the student to become more skilled, knowledgeable and physically fit. They become confident in their abilities and are happy to engage in any activity provided within the class or after school and at the weekend. Our goal is to develop a love of movement and an understanding of the health benefits of staying physically active.

Fundamental Movement Skills are taught explicitly to our younger students as these are the building blocks for all physical activities and games further up the school and later in life. These skills include body management, locomotion and manipulation of objects. Modified games allow for the transferal of individual skills into games and then by year 5 and 6 students are playing a variety of sports. An afternoon of senior sport allows our older students to partake in competitive games against each other.

Each year Pearsall holds a number of whole school events including cross country, jumps and throws and our much anticipated Faction Carnival. These events are very well attended by parents and friends of our students. From these carnivals students are selected onto our inter school teams, competing against other schools in our network. We are also involved in a local T20 Cricket Blast competition.

Pearsall has recently joined the Sporting Schools Program. This allows us to have coaches from local clubs come and take sessions with our students whilst promoting their sport and their club. Students have been exposed to sports that are not traditionally taught at primary school as well as gaining new skills in those sports already learned. The Sporting Schools Program has created a strong link to the outside sporting community.