Nature Play

Play is in part a rehearsal for life, a way of working things through, experimenting with the world in a relatively secure environment.

Our rationale – To create purposeful and authentic nature play learning opportunities that benefit all our students. These inclusive outdoor classroom experiences and play spaces will encourage creativity, imagination, leadership and problem-solving skills, and are designed to support the children’s social, emotional and physical wellbeing.

We have created an outdoor classroom that can be accessed by the whole school and used for engaging activities across all learning areas. In addition, our newly established nature play space next to the undercover area has been designed using natural resources and encourages student’s musical creativity, as well as developing their physical and social skills.

Nature Play club is held each week on a Tuesday lunchtime. Our dedicated Nature Play leaders plan and supervise a variety of nature-based activities including pebble painting, water play, bubble blowing and flower pressing.

Each year we participate in the National Outdoor Classroom Day event, which inspires and celebrates outdoor play and learning. This whole school event shows how learning outside of the classroom engages and excites students in spectacular ways and improves their health, wellbeing and happiness.