Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is a very important element in supporting the whole child at Pearsall Primary School. We are concerned about the overall wellbeing of each child, helping to ensure that they feel safe, secure and valued.

The strong emphasis on pastoral care is evident in many of our activities and is both explicit and implicit in the planning and implementation of programs within the school. The care offered to each individual is such that in turn students may come to regards others as also worthy of the same care. We use the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and The Leader in Me program provides the basis for students to grow and to fulfil to his or her potential.

Students are encouraged to develop increasing personal responsibility throughout their school life with an emphasis on leadership responsibilities.

The school actively encourages a close partnership between home and school and the broader community through a variety of initiatives.

A number of staff are included in the pastoral care team that is headed by the Deputy Principal. A Chaplain is a part of this team who is involved with the Buz program, referrals, Year 5 Girls High Tea and a Dad’s and Lad’s for Year 5 Boys.