Leader In Me

Pearsall Primary School creates a culture of leadership through the use of the Leader in Me program. Students are encouraged to use their leadership skills in the classroom and throughout the school.

Incorporating the Leader in Me practices will take place from kindergarten onwards which will help our students become even more ready to succeed in the 21st Century with critical skills and characteristics such as trustworthiness, a strong work ethic, motivation, problem solving skills, goal setting, effective interpersonal skills, a sense of teamwork and academic achievement.

By developing the whole child socially, emotionally, academically and ethically we foster a school climate that promotes Excellence Every Day

7 Habits Video

The Program

  • Develops the whole child and sees each child as having unique talents
  • Is founded on The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey
  • Creates a sustainable, safe and friendly school culture
  • Provides world class professional development for teachers
  • Increases parent satisfaction about the school
  • Is implemented in a way that teaches use of it as a better way of doing what is already being done

Student Lighthouse Team

At the start of each year children are nominated for the Student Lighthouse Team. To be nominated, students must have demonstrated leadership skills inside and outside the classroom. Throughout the year, the team are asked to assist in planning and implementing a range of events. They act as the student voice where they are encouraged to speak with their peers and bring ideas to regular Lighthouse Team meetings.

Students from Pre-Primary to Year 6 are chosen to be Student Lighthouse Leaders.


Classrooms Mission Statement

In classrooms, each class has a mission statement that has been developed by the students. Student representatives are chosen each week to greet visitors to classrooms and to inform them of the activities taking place. Each child has a data note book that outline’s behaviour goal setting and academic results that have been achieved over the term. These booklets are sent home each term.

School Focus

A whole school leadership day takes place each year where leaders from the community are invited to attend. Students are split into groups to hear how community leaders have used the 7 Habits to put into place skills that promote self-leadership.

A whole wide school focus is made on a particular habit every 4-5 weeks. Linked to this is a roster where each class presents a display on a habit for 4-5 weeks.


Token system

A token system is used that acknowledges student use of the 7 Habits. Tokens are counted and read out at assemblies.


The Results

What you will see as our Leader In Me program becomes entrenched is the visible increase of self confidence in Pearsall students. Students will gain confidence from learning new skills, from being given leadership responsibilities and from frequently being recognized as unique and important.